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Izanami, Queen of Hell (CR 30)

Here is a work in progress of one of the headlining monster for an upcoming, and as yet untitled Black Tokyo bestiary. I'm going to introduce you to Izanami, one of the biggest bads of the setting. She's a CR 30 zombie apocalypse waiting to happen. This is her stat block as I saved it last night. I'll tweak a few things later- I want to modify a few abilities and give her an at-will summons that summons vast hordes of Rotting wights, so if she ever does get to Earth, she spends an hour or two summoning, and has a legion of 20,000 zombies at her disposal. 
PS: I should note that this is the actual Japanese myth! I didn't change a thing about Izanami's origins nor her motivation. 

The Dark Lady Izanami (CR 30)
Medium NE Undead (evil, fire)
XP 9,830,400
Init +6 Senses Darkvision 120 ft, lowlight vision, true sight, Perception +94          
Languages Infernal, Japanese, truespeech, telepathy 500 ft
Aura Shadows of Hell (100 ft, negative and positive energy are inverted)

AC 45 Touch 34 Flatfooted 42 (+2 DEX, +1 dodge, +10 natural, +11 armor, +6 deflection, +15 profane)
HP 74d8 + 1,110hp (1,443 HP)
Regeneration 75 (good and epic)
FORT +25 REF +28 WILL +49
Immune undead immunities, polymorph, Fire, Sonic 
Resist Acid 20, Electricity 20 Cold 20
Channel Resistance +10 SR 28

Spd 30 ft Flight 90 ft (average)
Melee four claws +58 (3d6+1 slashing, 17-20/x4 plus rotting FORT DC 52), four tentacles +57 (3d6+1 slashing plus 1d8 fire plus grab, 15 ft reach with tentacles)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 35th Concentration +93) 
Constant – Freedom of Movement, True Seeing
1x/day – quickened Teleport Without Error
- Summon (CL 35th, 1 Drakainia (B-4) or 1d6+1 Balor (B-1), 100% )
3x/day – Annihilation (W-DC 36)E
-          quickened Inflict Critical Wounds
-          Cascade of Abortion (W-DC 32)E
-          Devoured From Within (F-DC 31)E
-          Summon Monster IX
At Will - Deadly Pleasures (W-DC 29)E
            - Dimension Door
- quickened Deeper Darkness
- Fireball (R-DC 28)
- Orgasm Mine (W-DC 29)E
            - quickened Silence
E = spells described fully in Enchantments of Black Tokyo (Otherverse Games, 2014)

Str 12 Dex 15 Con - Int 26 Wis 28 Cha 41
Base Atk +55 CMB +56 CMD 68
Feats Bleeding Critical, Blinding Critical, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Items, Critical Focus, Critical Mastery, Dazzling Display, Deadly Stroke, Dodge, Exhausting Critical, Gifts of Ecstasy, Greater Spell Focus (necromancy) Improved Critical (claws), Improved Iron Will, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Mastercrafter, Mobility, Multi-Attack, Nauseating Critical, Rending Claws, Shatter Defenses, Sickening Critical, Skill Focus (intimidate), Skill Focus (perception), Skill Focus (spellcraft), Spell Focus (necromancy), Spring Attack, Tiring Critical,  Unbirth, Vaginal Prison, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (claws), Whirlwind Attack
Italicized feats: Races of the Tatakama (Otherverse Games, 2013)
Skills Bluff +92/+96 sexually oriented checks, Craft (blacksmith, woodworking) all at +82, Diplomacy +92/+96 sexually oriented checks, Intimidate +98, Knowledge (arcana, religion, history, the planes) all at +85, Perception +94, Perform (sing) +89, Sense Motive +86, Spellcraft +93, Stealth +79
Gear +5 breastplate, amulet of protection +6, wand of inflict critical wounds (20+4d6 charges)

Environment The Black Else
Organization unique creature protected by an entire nation of elder oni lords and their lesser servants
Treasure triple standard

Special Abilities
            Rotting (SU)
            A creature damaged by Izanami’s claws must succeed at a DC 52 FORT save or begin rapidly rotting from the inside out. A rotting creature suffers 1d3 points of ongoing CON bleed per round, and healing spells and effects have half the usual effect when cast on a rotting creature. The rotting creature is considered nauseated. If slain while rotting, the creature rises in 1d4 rounds as a wight under Izanami’s control; there is no limit to the HD worth of undead that Izanami can control in this manner. Wights created in this manner also apply a lesser version of Rotting (DC 13) to their slam attacks.

            Undead and creatures immune to disease are also immune to Izanami’s Rotting. A creature who makes its FORT Save is immune to Izanami’s Rotting for 24 hours. Remove disease (DC 35) ends rotting, as does Heal.
            Hell Queen (SU)
            Izanami is queen of the dead, mistress of Hell itself. She is immune to melee damage from any creature that has died and returned to life via magic, such as raise dead, resurrection, reincarnation or similar magic. Likewise, she is immune to melee damage inflicted by any kind of undead creature. Such attacks pass harmless through Izanami’s body, as if she were smoke.

            Izanami receives a +20 insight bonus on Diplomacy checks made against Undead; Undead will never attack Izanami unless she attacks them first. Sentient undead are generally helpful, worshipful and obedient to Izanami; she may command mindless undead automatically.

            Shadows of Hell (SU)
            Izanami radiates an aura of darkness and entropy that warps the balance between positive and negative energy. All channeled positive or negative energy unleashed within 100 ft of Izanami is inverted; positive becomes negative, and vice versa. Cure spells cast within this aura become equivalent Inflict spells, and vice versa. Izanami’s spell-like abilities are not affected by this aura.

Unbirth (SU)
            Those trapped within Izanami’s dark, cauldron like womb return to childhood, with all its weakness and powerlessness, eventually dissolving into bloody nonexistence.

Each round a victim is trapped in Izanami’s Vaginal Prison, he or she suffers one negative level. By voluntarily suffering 1d3 points of temporary CHA damage as a swift action, Izanami can inflict additional harm to the victim as an immediate action The victim must succeed at a DC 25 WILL Save or suffer move to the beginning of the previous age category, immediately incurring the physical changes associated with aging. A creature de-aged past the Child category dies instantly and quickly devolves from baby to fetus to zygote to a mass of bloody, stillborn tissue.

            Even if the victim succeeds on their WILL Save, they still suffer 1d2 points of permanent CON Drain.

            Vaginal Prison (SU)
            Izanami’s vulva is an inescapable maw, capable of consuming her lovers whole when she finally tires of them.

            Up to eleven times per day, Izanami can transform her vagina into a tessarect space-fold. If she has successfully pinned a foe her own size or smaller, she may elect to make a second CMB check, as though attempting to pin the opponent once again. If the check is successful, Izanami’s vagina warps and stretches to impossible proportions, swelling her opponent whole.

            Once swallowed, the victim is shunted into a non-dimensional space within her body. While swallowed, the victim is considered grappled, but Izanami is not. In addition, the victim suffers 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage plus 1d8 points of additional acid damage per round. Due to the special nature of Izanami’s undeath, each round the victim also suffers 1d8 fire damage.

The victim cannot break free through physical effort, but may escape by casting any form of teleportation or dimensional travel magic, or by succeeding on a DC 30 WILL save. A freed creature reappears prone and adjacent to Izanami, in a random open square.

Izanami can trap a victim in her vaginal prison for up to 74 rounds. If the victim dies while swallowed, he or she is consumed completely, along with all non magical gear. If the victim is still alive when this enhancement ends, or if the victim breaks free with a successful WILL Save, Izanamisuffers 5d6 points of damage (FORT DC 18 half). She may choose to birth a swallowed creature at any time; any magical items swallowed can be vomited up at will also.

            Izanami was the first woman, the first goddess.
            Joining with her brother/consort/equal Izanagi, she became pregnant, and gave birth to all things, first among them, the islands of the Japanese archipelago. Fire was conceived in her womb, and it burned her alive from within. Izanami died in agony, and from her death urine and boiling, spilt blood, other gods and kami emerged.

            Izanagi descended into the underworld to recover his bride, but was terrified at what she had become- first of the undead, swollen and rotting, charred and maggot strewn, mother of centipedes and demons. Izanagi turned and ran, and his rejection (and his cowardice) enraged the undead goddess; she vowed to kill a thousand men each day. In return, Izanagi vowed to create 1,500 new lives each day, and thus, before he was able to fully seal the enraged Izanami in Hell, death entered reality.

            Izanami is the queen of the Black Else, the first and deadliest of all undead. She remains in the Black Else, bound by ancient divine wards that sealed her in the underworld. If she were ever freed to walk the Earth Realm, she would expunge all life from the planet within 48 hours. She is every fantasy of a zombie apocalypse incarnated.

            Izanami appears as a beautiful Asian woman in queenly raiment, wrapped in shadows and steam. However, beneath her dress or kimono, her abdomen and pussy are charred and blackened. Steaming blood drips from her ruined vulva, and the scent of charred pork surrounds her; a lake of hot blood lies beneath her grand throne, the warmest blood in all the Black Else. She moves slowly and deliberately, unhurried and regal, and hiding well the sharp pain walking causes her. When she fights, the blackened, forge-hot steel chains that were once her intestines lash out from her scalded, blistered vagina to drag prey screaming into the cauldron of her womb.

            Though she has never walked the Earth Realm during the life time of the human species, her plans and schemes are many. She seeks human extinction, and delights in misery. To that end, she has bequeathed a small portion of her power to the Ubume Empress, a creature of rages much like her own, and allowed The Empress to corrupt Japan and torment its women. Forced birth pleases her, rape amuses her, especially if it results in a tragic pregnancy or death in childbirth. Izanami despises her own gender most of all- had she been male, she never would of felt the pain of miscarriage and death. Izanami also despises Goryohime, because they die willingly, and become beautiful in their transition to undeath, and being undead girls can never suffer as she did, in a birthing bed stained with blood and fire. Goryohime are in many ways the antithesis of what Izanami has become.

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