Saturday, August 16, 2014


Okay, I just sent the completed draft of Enchantments of Black Tokyo off to Mark about 20 minutes ago.

The manuscript topped out at 246 pages- 243 pages of content minus the cover, OGL page and credits page. About 200 new spells, around 75 new weapons and armors each, plus around 200+ total wondrous items and artifacts. It's a huge, capital C CRUNCHY book.

Last night I did the final layout- basically worked through the same process as all my recent releases. Put on a DVD of cop shows- season 6 of NYPD Blue in this case, create a rough draft PDF and than go through page by page looking for pixelated images, images that pass into the page border or have a pixel of white space between the black border line and the left or right edge of the image, ugly table layouts, ect. This book I wanted to make sure the Spell Resistance listings for all the spells weren't cut off. So for 200 spells, instead of letting the entry look like this
Resistance Yes

because of the word wrap, I had to go through and make sure it looked like
Spell Resistance Yes

Same thing with the weights of the magic items, it was bugging me to see
8 lbs

rather than

Weight 8 lbs

It's not really an error per se, just something I wanted to correct and I think I got 'em all.

Anyway, look for Enchantments of Black Tokyo up later this week.

Also, give me an idea what to work on next. I've got several projects lined up next, but I'd love to hear what you guys would want to see.

Blessed Be,


Andrew Antolick said...

My top choice would have to be the Masters of Endara setting book. It has engines, eldritch, and crossover crunch galore.

Following that, the revised Guide to the galaxy, transgalactic/otherverseal bestiary, New edition Psi-Watch, and maybe a calendar of various sentient species cuddling for a calming extra.

Best of luck with your work, you really have your own nitch in the 3rd party Pathfinder market.

Chris A. Field said...

All good suggestions. The only reason I haven't done more with Masters of Endara is purely financial. That setting will require a ton of art to bring to life, and various personal problems have cut my art budget pretty dramatically.

Guide to the Known Galaxy is one I've been working on in the background for a while now. Updating the Lifechain to be Pathfinder-compatible, and just more balanced in general, as opposed to what I created as a game designer in 2008, is a major chore.

I do want to do a galactic bestiary though, that is equally usable for Otherverse America and Heavy Future.

Also, I'm farther along than I thought with the revised Psi-Watch race book, so that should be out sometime this year.