Monday, August 11, 2014

Two Covers: Enchantments of Black Tokyo

 I've just started laying out Enchantments of Black Tokyo. Right now, I'm about 60 pages in, having completed the front matter and pushed about halfway through the spells. After work tonight, I'm going to lay out the spells starting with "M" onward.

In terms of format, I think I will be selling Enchantments of BTU in a zip file, containing multiple PDFs: The Spells, Magic Weapons, Magic Armor, Wondrous Items and Artifacts. That should make it a little easier on the reader, since each section is going to be fairly weighty.

Here are two potential covers I've designed. Both are pretty solid, and fit with the visual style I've established for Black Tokyo products. I decided to use the top cover for the book- both images are strong and depict what I asked John to provide- an occult battle. I ended up picking the top cover, with the Mortal Kombat style spellcasters, because when I shrunk the two images to 2 inches, which is about the size of an RPGnow preview image, the action and colors 'read' better.

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