Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coming Soon: Advanced Tech

My last few PDFs have been a series of tech books, Advanced Armory, Advanced Arsenal and Advanced Edge. They're less imaginative writing- nice, crunchy tech books focusing on different gear.

I've been writing a series of technology guides for Pathfinder- it does fantasy well, but most of my stuff is sci-fantasy or cross genre, and I don't have a good baseline for the high tech aspects. I like aspects of their PFSRD tech stuff but it mostly focuses on tech as rare artifacts from a long vanished culture, not as current day, common place and still evolving consumer and milary tech. 

Like I said, It's less imaginative writing, but I needed to do it- I pulled a bunch of stuff from the D20 Modern system, modernized it, some stuff from other sources, and a lot of stuff I just made up myself. Getting this ground work laid out sets me up for more imaginitve stuff with my campaign worlds, since I've got the basic gear questions settled. I'm still working on my Black Tokyo, Heavy Future and Otherverse America settings.... the next year I want to revise Otherverse America to be a fully Pathfinder compatible modern magic plus tech setting, and I want to finally get started on my He-Man inspired setting, and since that's sci-fantasy and Otherverse America is mostly military sci-fi, these last few PDFs have been time well spent. 

The last book in this series is Advanced Tech, the cover of which you can see at right. It's a pretty fun one, the biggest of the Advanced sourcebooks- focusing on every gadget and bit of science fiction tech that wasn't a form of body armor or man-portable weapon. It's got everything from computers to personal flight systems and commercial mass-transit teleporters. It was a fun one to write. Anyway, it'll be up on RPGnow within the next few days, as part of a bundle with the other three Advanced sourcebooks and the Polymer Path. Combined, that's 150 pages or so of sci-fi goodness for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns.

Also, expect The Black Bestiary soon, and the Heavy Future bestiary I previewed last post a while before that. I'm going to start laying out the Heavy Future bestiary tonight. I would have done it last night, but I've been down with a stomach flu, and spent the last couple days doing nothing but reading webcomics and trying to keep down toast.

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