Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update: November Projects

This will be a brief post. I'm just about to head out to work, and thought I'd update everybody about my upcoming projects.

First and most important. If you're in Texas, go to the polls before 7 pm tonight. I just got done voting and I'm hoping the election is going to be close enough that Wendy Davis actually has a chance. If you read this at work, go help her out on her way home. Texas really, really needs more pro-choicers in power.

Second, Black Tokyo! Anthony Cournoyer (a longtime Skortched Urf Studios artist) is starting work on his illustrations for the Black Bestiary this week. I don't have a firm ETA on his art, but expect it fairly quickly. He's fast and dedicated, so an amazingly illustrated, absolutely beautiful bestiary will be coming at you before the end of the year.

I'm getting the last art together for a final book in the "Advanced" sourcebook line, Advanced Tech. This updates and expands on a lot of the gear from D20 Future and my various sourcebooks, and updates it all to Pathfinder. Expect that out in a week or so.

Finally, I'm working on a mid-length bestiary for Heavy Future, focusing mostly on spacers and alien predators. It's already pretty fun, and while I'm not quite sure the direction I'll go with it yet, it's been enjoyable to right and I'm proud of what I have to date.

Blessed Be,

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