Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Why Are These Stories Not Being Covered More Enthusiastically?


Erlyndon Joseph "Joey" Lo, 27, of Plano, filed documents there Friday saying his religious beliefs entitled him to use deadly force to prevent an abortion. He listed the name of a clinic, its address and the time he was going to show up — noon that day.


Last week, threatening letters were sent to the offices of I believe 37 of 50 state governors. Each letter was a typical right-winger love fest, not-so-subtly implying that if the governors didn't immediately disband the government and bend over and take that big militia cock they were dead. Naturally, the FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center and others were concerned, and the major media buries the story behind a maze of story-links. Last Christmas, one idiot tried to detonate his C-4 Underoos and the media covered that story for days.

Here we've got evidence of a nation wide, well organized conspiracy, which is inspiring copycat acts of nut jobbery (see those two lovely little links above), especially the last ride of Mr. Lo, and guess what? I'm still the only motherfucker in the country who gives a shit.

Damn it, the bastards are waking up.


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Alzrius said...

It doesn't stop with the violent lunatics either - the following story makes the Abortion Wars from the Otherverse America setting seem very believable: