Friday, April 16, 2010

"Of all the amendments, my favorite gotta be the FITH!"

One, two, three, four, FITH!

In the words of the immortal (and clinically insane) Dave Chappelle, it's my favorite number. FITH, Bitches!

Anyway, I'm now at #5 on the RPGnow best sellers list, and I definitely hope to climb to number one over the weekend. Okay, while waiting on my brother to fix up my P-O-S computer, I've started reading "Bio of a Space Tyrant" by Piers Anthony. I'd heard it was kinky enough to make even me sit up and take notice, so I picked it up this afternoon.

I'm about a hundred pages in and Helse just started describing her life as a child prostitute, in a little bit more detail than I had expected. Hell, there was a gang rape in chapter one, a fetishy urine scene a couple of chapters later, and a few hints at what I expect will blossom into full-on incest within the next few dozen pages. So "Bio' definately deserves its reputation.

It's decent enough though, but I'm actually wondering why Piers Anthony bothered to make it a sci-fi story at all. Aside from the regular (and tedious) digressions into the physics behind gravity lens propulsion, there's nothing really 'sci-fi' about the story. At this point, Hope Hubris and family could easily be a family of Cuban boat people... hell, the author even compares their 'bubble' starship (which I keep picturing as a much larger version of the junk-ship from Explorers) to a sail boat at several points.

I'm guessing that like District 9, Anthony is tyring to use the trapping of sci-fi to explore a real and depressing social issue- namely how refugees and illegal aliens are treated in the real world. That in and of itself is interesting enough, and I'm curious how Hope, if you'll forgive the analogy, becomes Dr. Doom, because at this point the obstensible main character is alot less interesting and compent than his father or his youngest sister, Spirit. I can see the anger there for Hope to become a dictatoral leader, but the basic skill isn't there.

Anyway, i'll probally be done with this by tonight, so I'm curious where it all ends out. Not that I expect to really reach a resolution- the book I have is book 1 of 5 or 6. At this point, the book is interesting enough to see it through to the end. I'm reserving judgement on finding the other books in the series till the end, though.

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