Friday, April 30, 2010

Rejoice all you readers!

My computer is working again! Give some love to my goatee wearin' brother who managed to cobble a new computer together, install Windows XP to it, give me a nice fat 120 gig harddrive, and recover almost everything on my old computer and install it over! Rejoice- my porn file is intact!

More importantly than my porn directory though is the fact I can write again.

I'm going to do a bunch of mini releases, in the range of 3,000-6,000 words to build up a backlog of product before I start up another big project.

Expect a 3,000 word or so Pathfinder product explaining what Common really is. That's already written, and I'll problaly have it out in a day or two.

Along with that, expect a short State of the Otherverse release dealing with facial recognition tech and countermeasures against it, inspired by an excellent article I read on Io9 about modern camo patterns.

After that, expect a couple of short, thematically linked Psi-Watch supplements detailing that universes 'homages' to X-Men staple concepts Morlocks and Sentinels.

Finally, I'll be re-releasing Freefrom Anthropomorphica sometime this summer. Expect a revision on the order of Psi-Watch 2.0, with three or four short campaign settings included. Each setting will probally run 20 pages each or so, and more on them later. i've got some fun ideas.

In other news, this last week a friend of mine has been down from San Antonio to take care of his mother. When he wasn't hanging with his family, we were hanging out and wargaming. I haven't done so much gaming since high school, and it was great. That said, expect a beta-test version of a minatures wargame based around Otherverse America's factions and fiction sometime this summer. It'll be free until I get the bugs playtested and than I'll have a art-heavy paper minis wargame set during the Abortion War sometime this fall.

Blessed Be,

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