Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Otherverse America is Coming Together Nicely

Here's a status update. I've got my new pagemaker working- the first release with the program, Fursona continues to sell very well, and has already more than paid for the art I purchased for it. Awesome.

I've got a few other releases that will come out very soon: Before the Adventure, a dramatically expanded Pathfinder update of the old Skortched Urf release Signs and Fantasy Occupations. I've also got two new advanced classes for Psi-Watch and Otherverse America on deck: The Insect Enhancile, a genetically engineered superspy type character inspired by Spiderman 2099 and Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy (No-Var) and the Macromoprh, a size changing superhero like Giant Man or Colossal Boy.

More importantly, lets talk about the format for the revised Otherverse America.

Right now, I'm looking at least two huge sourcebooks and several smaller releases in support of the Revised Otherverse America. One sourcebook, the Core Rulebook will include the history, races, feats, new talent trees and unique advanced classes for the setting. This puppy will likely top 300 pages by itself!

Up top we have the original cover of the first edition core rulebook- a photomanip I did myself from some public domain stock photoes. It's a good piece, and one of the images I'm most proud of. It also is probably only RPG sourcebook cover that actually shows an abortion on the cover, so I figure I deserve some kind of award just for that.

Anyway, Alex Garcia has just agreed to provide a new cover for the revised Core Rulebook. He's using the character from the original cover, as you can see from the character sketch at far right. The Midwife from the first cover will be walking through the streets of San Fransisco 2107.

In addition to the Core Rulebook, also expect a Game Master Guide that will include a complete threat roster, from first level thugs to blast en masse to full stats for Roe, Artemis and the other major setting players. In addition to the 'monster list' expect lots of advice on actually running this unique setting, plot hooks, and other cool stuff. The Otherverse Game Master Guide is going to top 100 pages, and maybe reach 200, depending on how much I decide to cram in.

I've removed the Powered Hero basic class from the Core Rulebook into its own stand alone PDF which will go on sale soon. The Powered Hero as it stands tops 25 pages, and is fully compatible with Otherverse America, Psi-Watch and even Galaxy Command if you want to run a Legion of Superheroes styled campaign. It's a comprehensive superhero creation system designed to build modern, realistic mid-range superheroes, on the order of the Ultimates or the X-Men. This will be a kick ass sourcebook, and right now, I'm working on a follow up to the Powered Hero Basic entitled Fundamental Forces.

Fundamental Forces will be all about high-level, cosmic abilities....the really game-breaking, 'do anything' superpowers. Want to play the Flash, Scarlett Witch, Kid Quantum or the Time Trapper? You'll like Fundamental Forces.

Anyway, salivate over the new info. Next time, I'll give you a sneak preview of Felipe Gaona's cover to the Game Master Guide.

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