Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something I really like about Amanda Webb...

She really pays attention to the descriptions I give her.Over on the left we've got her rendition of Lifer politician and major setting NPC, Fairfax Dacoveney. If you're unfamiliar with our setting, imagine a cross between Cobra Commander and Randall Terry, and if you don't know who Randall Terry is, go Google the goat-fucking son of a bitch. He's a charismatic Lifer politician, the voice behind the Coalition for Life and the Lifer nation. Accompanying Dacoveney is Jelly, a Fluxminx security specialist who has protected him since he was born.

Anyway, the description of Fairfax Dacoveney I gave Amanda mentioned that I imagined Bruce Greenwood (from 13 Days) playing him if they ever made an Otherverse America movie. It's funny- she wasn't slavish to reference, but her finished piece clearly looks like Greenwood, especially the lines around the mouth and the way his hair came out. Anyway, it's an impressive bit of detail on her part, and I figured I'd share it with you.


Curt said...

Hey Chris, slightly of the subject, but how long will the price reductions on your stuff last? I'm waiting on a paycheck.

Chris A. Field said...

Curt, that I don't know. Mark Catho usually sets the prices, but the 50% off sale will run at least a week or two more. Anything that's free currently- the Free20 stuff and the original edition of Otherverse America- will remain free, even after I put out the 2nd edition.