Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Stragglers....

Right now, I'm only waiting on a few pieces of art to come in, mostly stuff I only requested this week. As I was going through the manuscript for Otherverse America, I wanted to start filling in some holes in the art order, finding concepts that need illustrated but for one reason or another, haven't been assigned yet. Obviously, I'd love illustrations on every page, but since I don't WoTC's art budget, I have to prioritize.

Right now I have the following pieces out.

1. A cover by Alex Garcia, which I showed a preview of a couple of posts ago.
2. An illustration of the Full Conversion Cyborg player race, also by Alex.

3. An illustration of "Dolfie" Black, a retired Lifer superheroine, which according to Amanda Webb who I assigned the piece to, will touch on the state of children's television, circa 2107. I can't wait to see what she turns in.

4. From my new artist, Scott Holmes, expect a character illustration of the Lifer terrorist Ghost Boss. Again, it'll be fun to see his interpretation of this character.

5. I've ordered three setting illustrations from Felipe Gaona. The first is a shot of 22nd Century San Fransisco. Since Alex will also be illustration San Francisco on the cover, I sent both artists the same text and notes. It will be really interesting to see their differing visions of the city, based on the same input.
6. Felipe will also be doing an illustration of Boston, the Lifer capitol.
7. Finally, Felipe will finish up with a shot of the fortress-like, imposing Pensacola Enclave.

Expect some more art previews later in the week and a peek at some of the text.
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