Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some good news!

First off, I got a new apartment at last, and I'll be moved in by the beginning of the week. Which is fucking awesome.

Second, I just saw this rough sketch by Amanda Webb. It's a sketch of "Dolfie" the Lifer children's host. I'm absolutely in love with this piece already. The little chibi Lifers are fucking amazing- especially the cute little Neverborn. Amanda is a very, very sick woman, and I love it.

Third, check out these two articles from Io9, which may be the only website publishing anything positive or uplifting anymore.!5786265/brain+computer-implant-has-passed-1000+day-milestone!5786980/nanogenerators-powered-by-your-heartbeat-could-replace-batteries-in-five-years-say-chemists

I love seeing technologies I've read about in games and sci-fi coming to reality. I'm especially pleased by the neuro-implant in the first story. Anyway, talk to you all later.
Blessed Be,

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