Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fantasy Firearms- locked, cocked and ready to rock

My second big fantasy release of the spring, Campaign Overlay: Fantasy Firearms is up for sale at RPGNow. It expands on some freelance work I did for Skorched Urf Studios a couple of years back, and introduces gunpowder, and a fantasy explosive called draksmoke to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The book has three new races, a couple of new gods, a ton of new spells, dozens of new magic and mundane items, and a new 20 level core class: The Gunwitch.

Anyway, if you enjoyed Fursona, go check it out.

Also, look for a bunch more D20 Modern stuff. I've been on a Psi-Watch kick lately, as I wait on the last of the art to come in for Otherverse America. You'll be getting some fun products out of the deal. After the revised Otherverse America corebook comes out, you might see a glut of Pathfinder PRG material. I've got some fantasy content on the back burner, but don't want to talk about it too much now.

Enjoy the week, and Blessed Be

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