Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Art Preview of April

Just thought I'd share some more Otherverse America artwork with you. These two pieces really brought a smile to my face. The top piece is a fairly standard Choicer soldier, done by Scott Holmes. Scott's pretty new to Otherverse Games, contributing this piece, as well as an illustration to the Powered Hero Basic Class PDF. That book, by the way, is selling pretty well. It's been in the top 25 of RPG now for the last week, and along with Before the Adventure looks like it'll stick around the top 100 for a good couple of weeks.

Since Powered Hero Basic is selling well, look for a follow up release, the Fundamental Forces PDF to hit later this week.

The bottom illustration is the inked version of the "Super Dolfie Loves Mommy" illustration by Amanda Webb I posted a couple of days back. Again, I can't stop cracking up at the little chibi Lifers- that's something I never expected to see for my characters, but now that it's out there, I'm loving.

Okay, a bit more news. Like I did with the Powered Hero basic class, I'm going to pull the expanded Basic Class talents for Otherverse America into a standalone PDF, about 30 pages in length. My rationale is simple: I've already paid for lots of art for Otherverse America, that's laying fallow until the final pieces some in. Gamers really like character builder options, so put some of that new art to use in a shorter PDF that will sell and sell and keep the momentum I began with the Powered Hero basic class going. Also, by chopping this out of the new core book, I might be able to chop the core book into something of manageable size.

Anyway look for "Tactical Upgrade 21o7" soon at the usual spots. It'll have dozens of new talent trees for the attribute-keyed Basic Classes: about 15 general new talent trees that can be chosen by any character and 6 talent trees per faction unique to the Lifers and Choicers.

Hope you like it.

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