Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a Few Edits and Otherverse America Will Be Done....

Last night, I finalized the layout of the revised Otherverse America core rulebook. This sucker clocks in at 285 pages, including a full glossary and index, and the PDF is in the rather weighty neighborhood of 63 mb. Tonight, I'm going to go through the text, find all the little formatting errors and minor typos I didn't catch on the first run-through and print out a final copy. I've also set up a complete printer friendly version of the text. The printer friendly version consists of several smaller PDFs each covering a related topic: feats, character classes, Object Philosophies, setting history and flavor text.

After this I'm going to work on the Otherverse America game master's guide, which I will include as part of the purchase of the Core Rulebook. Basically, when you download this sucker (I'm figuring on a price point between $25-30.) you'll get a zip file the Core Rulebook, the GMG and all the little printer-friendly PDFs. Early on in this project, I figured to make the GMG a stand alone release, so what changed?

Simple, I downloaded the One Ring RPG a few weeks ago. It had a similar split between core rules and the GMG, and I felt the decision worked well. As a consumer, I definitely like I got my money's worth- between the One Ring core book and GMG I got 500+ pages of kick-ass content. I figure that my Otherverse America, like Tolkien's Middle Earth is detail heavy enough that this format really works. (And somewhere, if he's reading this I know Louis is gnashing his teeth, going like "Chris, you idiot, put out a mid-length corebook and lots of little splats to maximize profits.")

Anyway, I'll start laying out the GMG tomorrow and should have it completed by Monday or Tuesday.

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