Monday, August 29, 2011

Upcoming Sale!

Hey, the Revised Otherverse America core rulebook (which includes the Game Master's Guide) will be on sale at RPGnow very soon. To celebrate, I'm going to be doing a pretty comprehensive sale on Otherverse America supplements all throughout September.

Included in the sale will be:
Coven of Bast
The Eleusinian Covenant
Neverborn Again
The Otherverse Armory
Sexually Transmitted Future
Guide to the Known Galaxy
Species of Otherverse America
The Powered Hero Basic Class
Fundamental Forces
Tactical Upgrade 2107
...and maybe a few more titles I've forgotten. In short, since I want everybody to pick up and play the new Otherverse America corebook, every one of my pricey splat-books is going on sale! Micro-sourcebooks like the Techno-Magic of Bast or Razor Culture won't be affected.

Blessed Be,

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