Thursday, August 11, 2011

Patriots, Robots and Ghosts

Hey, I finally saw Captain America this weekend. It was a ridiculously fun, and extremely pulpy movie. I'm amazed that Marvel Studios has so far been able to produce three movies, each with their own unique feel, but keep everything as integrated as it has. Capt. America was straight up classic 40s style pulp; Thor was Kirby-tech filled science-fantasy, and Iron Man was straight up military sci-fi.

The possibly best part of the movie? Seeing Nazis get disintegrated with their own, ridiculously over-powered guns. Seriously, seeing Nazis get blasted what what's effectively Rifts weapons never gets old. Chris Evans did a spectacular job as Capt America too- determined, clever and noble (if a little too prone to martyrdom). Capt America's "death" was really touching and emotionally affecting.

The worst part? That fucking 40s style show tune. Yes, it accurately captured the music of the time. the only problem is that the music of the time fucking sucked. That was five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Anyway, I should have the last piece of Otherverse America artwork in a couple of days. Now, once that's in hand, I'll have everything laid out pretty quickly. My only internal debate is, after having purchased the awesome (and HUGE, I'm talking 600+ pages) One Ring RPG, is should I keep the division between the core book and game masters guide I was planning, or make one mammoth core book that includes everything? I'll probably decide that during the layout stage.

I'm also planning a short follow up to Synthetic Heroes, offering a few new robot Design Schemes and new powers, including robot specific talent trees.

In addition, as you can see by my visual hint over to the right of the page, I'm thinking of doing a Fursona-compatible freeform creation system for Undead characters. Build your own vampires, liches, mummies and zombies- it should be fun, and a good seller. Hopefully, I'll have it ready by Halloween/Samhain.

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