Monday, August 1, 2011

My Backlog

Okay, Alzrius pointed out something to me- I need to mention what I'm working on a bit more often. Thanks man, and thanks for the notes on Living Toys and Harem Mages. Okay, first.... I finally started converting Black Tokyo material over to Pathfinder. I started with Living Toys and the Harem Mages concepts- they work well together, and I had all the art I needed for it ready to go.

As expected, my fans are pervs. This thing has been up for about 24 hours, and has outsold my last 3 releases. I love my perv fans.

I have two pieces of art outstanding for Otherverse America: an illustration of Pensacola by Felipe Gaona, and an illustration of an APEX supersoldier by Alex Garcia. I should have those within the week, and then I'll lay out the book.

I've got small releases on deck, too. Expect a 10 pager called Ediolons Unleashed, which is a bunch of new options for Pathfinder's Summoner class. I added a few new base forms, some Summoner class feats, and a couple of new magic items. Fursona II, a short supplement for the Fursona character-generation system will also come out soon. Expect 5 new orders, a bunch of new racial traits, and some more spells and a pretty funky new kind of magic item: enchanted gastroliths.

On the Otherverse America front, I'll have two short tech books coming out about the same time as the revised core rulebook. One is entitled "The Technomagic of Bast" and focuses on Bastian psi-tech, and the other is called "Medical Pack" and focuses on lifesaving and EMT gear.

A big release coming out soon is Synthetic Heroes. You know the bad ass character generation system found in Fursona? Twist that one just a little bit and use it to build robot and android player characters. That one will support Otherverse America, Psi-Watch and Galaxy Command, and like Fursona is going to be a kick ass general supplement that offers a ton of new player options.

Looking farther ahead, right after I'm done working on this, I'll go back to working on the revised Pirates of the Bronze Sky. I'm completely re-organizing it, adding lots of new factions, countries and a couple of new player races beyond those included in the original draft I sent Louis. I'm also debating whether or not to include slavery in this Revolutionary War analouge setting, or avoid heavy, realistic concerns like that, and just focus on the swashbuckling action. Thoughts?

I'm going to start gathering artwork for Pirates of Bronze Sky (and a revised Guide to the Known Galaxy) later tonight.

Anyway, I hope enjoy what I've got for you.


wmb said...

Greetings! I recently picked up a copy of Living Toys & Harem Mages and had a couple of questions.

1.Amongst the requirements to be a Harem Mage is the feat Creative but I can't locate that feat in either the Pathfinder Core rulebook, Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide or the Megafeats Revised PDF. Where might I find a description of this feat?

2. The description for Soulmilk Tea seems to have left off the requirements for crafting the magic item. What might they be or is this a minor Artifact?

Chris A. Field said...

WMB- the creative feat is from from D20 Modern- it's a skill booster feat, that provides you with a +2 bonus on 2 Craft or Perform skills of choice. I didn't realize it never made it into the PFRPG.

Soulmilk tea= minor artifact. Sorry about not making that more clear.

Glad you liked it.

wmb said...


Chris said...

Good afternoon Chris,

Always a fan of your work. Just picked up The Techno-Magic of Bast
and so you know, One Book Shelf is pointing to the "Living Toys & Harem Mages" file. I already informed customer service, but I assumed you'd like to know.


Mrigashirsha said...

This seems a reasonable place for this comment...

I waned to let you know that I babbled about writing of yours in a review sort of way, at and

You gave me happy reading and I hope to return the favor. :)

Chris A. Field said...

Chris, I'm having mark correct the listing for TM of Bast. Do me a favor, send an email to and I'll send the right file personally. Sorry about the mix-up.