Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fursona III: Modern Anthros

I'm waiting on the cover art for Fursona III.
This cover will feature three characters: one representing the possibilities for Anthro characters in Otherverse America (the sketch of which we see at right), one representing Psi-Watch Anthros, and a third representing the general 'modern magic' type of anthros you'd see in something like True Blood. I told Amanda to give me a cover similar to the Dave Johnson D20 Modern covers: a trio of representative figures posed together, showing what you could build with the rule set.

I'm also finishing up the Kodiak Island sourcebook, and as I wait for the last art for that one to trickle in I've been going back and adding some more content.

Ghosts & Promises and Fursona III will probably close out the year, though I might put out some unplanned micro-PDFs between now and then. Yesterday I sent off a 5 page weapon book to Mark, and might do other short products.

As it stands, 2011 brought about 45-50 releases from me- most through Otherverse Games, but a few good sourcebooks I freelanced for Louis for. 2012 looks like it will be similarly productive.

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