Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Synthetic Heroes II is SELLING!

What the hell? I expected Synth Heroes II to be a decent, lower tier seller, maybe reaching 60-70 on the top 100 chart, but I just dropped into RPGnow and saw its fluctuating between the number one and number two slots!

Wow, thanks to everyone who's picked up Synth Heroes.

I figured I should tell all the fans of free-form D20 character generation out there, (and appearantly there's alot of you), that I'm doing some work on Fursona III RIGHT NOW! I'm putting together a 'mutant' character builder running off the Fursona engine. It'll include some conversions of Psi-Watch material, letting you build free-form versions of the Challengers and City Born, as well as converting the Mutant player race to a build-your-own version. In addition to the char-gen, you'll get some world info. This book will delve HEAVILY into Otherverse America's 'mutie-porn' underground- it should be kinky, transhumanist and body-horror intensive, everything a good sourcebook should be.

I should have a finished draft in a few more days, and I'll post a preview or two later. I was expecting to illo it mostly through stock art, but I'll probably get at least one or two comissioned pieces now. (The illo on the right is some TMNT fan-art I've found on line, unfortunately not a piece for the new book. I can dream, though).

Anyway, expect that soon. Also based on the content of my last post here, I'm wondering if I could pull together a Witchy Hero basic class, which not only allows you to play a badass witch girl type hero from level 1, but which explores the trope of the 'witch hero' genre the same way my Sentai Spectacular release a couple months back explored the tropes of sentai TV? Might be a fun way to end the year.....

Also, just as an aside, I'm looking forward to the revised Neo-Exodus Campaign Setting, from Louis Porter. That should also be up in a few days- I'll be picking it up, and hope most of you do the same.

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