Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Synthetic Heroes II

I've been doing a bunch of work lately on some Black Tokyo related products, and I realized that I haven't really put anything new out this month.

So take a look over to the right of the page. I've put out a sequel to the Synthetic Heroes robotic character builder, which is in turn based off Fursona.... one of my most popular and one of the products I've had the most fun writing this year.

Inside you'll find 6 new design schemes, a couple dozen new minor and major racial traits, some new disadvantages to balance them out, a couple of new templates and a new robotic/cybernetic disease.

This is a character builder, so what would you be able to build with the new content inside? Try this list of characters: Robocop, Battle Angel Alita, any of the girls from Strike Witch, Snout Spout (from Masters of the Universe), Fanotomex (from Morrison's X-Men run) or Warlock (from New Mutants).

Anyway, this book will be out in a couple of days, and look for a couple of small releases. I think my next major release will be the PFRPG Black Tokyo conversion. At this point, I'd expect that in late December or early January. I'll roll over the profits from it into Pirates of Bronze Sky and Guide to the Known Galaxy, so those will come later in the spring of 2012.

Talk to you later,

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