Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talented Perverts

Last post, I mentioned starting talents for Races of the Tatakama. Here's a preview of the first few starting talents, A-D, excerpted from the manuscript. Enjoy.

The new talents described below offer another way to customize the heroes, gods and monsters of the Tatakama. Each trait is roughly as powerful as half a feat, a little less powerful overall, or only useful in certain situations. Players can each select two feats at character creation, which must be chosen from different categories. As the Tatakama is steeped in magic, many of these new talents offer obvious supernatural abilities, while ordinary feats usually are limited to extraordinary abilities, the result of training or drive. These Tatakama-specific starting talents join the roster of available talents described in the PFRPG Advanced Player’s Guide.

A few of these talents have prerequisites that must be met. You must meet any prerequisites listed (such as gender, ability score minimums, or ranks in a particular skill) to choose that talent.

Angelic Little Loli

Type: Faith

Restricted: good aligned, female or bishonen characters only, young adults or younger characters only

Ability: WIS 13+

Your beautiful girl’s body hides a saintly and pure heart. Your innocence provides a measure of protection against oni-spawn horrors. You gain a +1 holy bonus on all Saves made against the hostile attentions of evil outsiders and undead.

Hostile creatures of those types who confirm a melee critical hit against you must succeed at a WILL Save (DC 10 + your WIS modifier) or be shaken for as long as they remain in your presence and for 1 round after they leave it. Once a creature saves against this effect, it cannot be affected by your purity again for 24 hours.

Limitation: You lose the benefit of this talent for 24 hours if you engage in consensual penetrative sex, though you can engage in masturbation, oral or fetish acts with a lover.

Bara (EX)

Type: Social

Restricted: Male characters only, adult age category or older only

Ability: CON 13+

You are bara “bear” a healthy, virile and sexually insatiable gay man, proud and strong. Your hyper-masculinity makes you desirable, especially in the eyes of younger lovers. You may add your CON modifier as a luck bonus on sexually oriented Bluff and Diplomacy checks involving other men.

Bishonen / Bishojo (SU)

Type: Social

Ability: CHA 13+

You are a bishonen ‘beautiful boy” or bishojo “beautiful girl”, a seductive and androgynous beauty. Your strange, gender-bending beauty makes you particularly adept at seducing members of your own gender. You receive a +2 bonus on sexually oriented Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against creatures of your own gender.

Bless Gohei (SU)

Type: Faith

Ability: WIS 13+

You can bless the zig-zagging ritual streamers commonly found in Shinto temples. This minor magical artifact is common across Tatakama and even the strange world of Black Japan. Blessing a gohei requires a short ceremony requiring 1d4 rounds, and a token sacrifice of religious oils, herbs or incense worth 1d4 GP. Once created, a gohei can be worn on a believer’s clothing, affixed to a weapon or a shield, or hung from a structure such as a temple gate or the entry arch of a private home.

Once blessed, a gohei retains its blessing until the next dawn. Evil outsiders suffer a -1 morale penalty on all attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws within 60 ft of a blessed gohei. This penalty is not cumulative if the outsider is exposed to multiple gohei simultaneously.

Broken Doll (SU)

Ability: CHA 13+

You are at your most beautiful bloodied and with your face swollen and deformed by bruises. When you are reduced to half your maximum Hit Point total or less, you receive a +2 enhancement bonus to your CHA score.

Carnal Inspiration (SU)

Type: Magic

Restricted: Ability to cast arcane spells

For 24 hours (or until you next sleep) after a sexual encounter with a partner who has a charisma score of 15+, you are blessed with a gift for the magic of change, creation and lust. You cast all spells from the Conjuration and Enchantment schools at +1 caster level.

Charming Seducer (EX)
Ability: CHA 13+

You have a knack for talking lovers into your bedroom. Once per day, when attempting to seduce a new lover, or to convince a current lover to accede to some specific sexual request, you may add +20 to a single Bluff or Diplomacy check to do so. You must declare the use of this ability prior to making the check.

Carve Netsuke (SU)

Skill: Craft (bone or woodcarving) 1 rank

Using techniques passed down from your parents, you have mastered the art of carving netsuke- tiny charms often used as decorative clasps, made from bone or wood. With a successful DC 12 Craft (bone or woodcarving) check, and about two hours of exacting work, you can carve a netsuke.

While carrying a netsuke, a character receives a +1 luck bonus on a single skill check, represented by the activity depicted by the carving. A netsuke will only function for the specific person it is carved for, or that character’s child or heir. A person can carry any number of netsuke at any given time. As an art object, most netsuke can be purchased for 2-5 gp; as a gift to a trusted friend, their value is far greater. Netsuke are Fine magical trinkets of negligible weight.

Cherry Blossom Touch (SU)

Ability: WIS or CHA 13+

You have been blessed with the mysterious ability to touch a cherry blossom tree, no matter how ancient or sickly it is and return the tree to full health. The tree is covered in fragrant blooms, as if at the height of spring, no matter the season. You must touch the tree for at least one minute to use this ability, and this touch has no affect on a tree that is truly dead, nor upon processed wood or lumber.

Anyone of a non-evil alignment who sees you make a cherry blossom tree bloom when it shouldn’t is favorably deposed to, and you receive a +2 luck bonus on Diplomacy checks against that person for a day.

Demon Hunter’s Semen (SU)

Type: Combat

Restricted: Male characters only

You have been blessed by luminous semen that can strengthen a lover against demonic violence. For one hour after accepting your semen into their body, characters receive a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws against spells and effects generated by creatures of the Outsider type.

Dreams of the Earth Realm (EX)

In dreams, you walk the neon-soaked streets of Black Japan, remembering a previous incarnation in another world hung in the branches of the Great Universal Tree. Each time you awaken, you may attempt a DC 16 WILL Save to remember some fragment of your dream. If successful, you receive one of the following benefits, determined by rolling D4.

  1. You can speak and are literate in modern Japanese, as spoken in the Black Tokyo campaign setting.
  2. Your faint memories of otherworldly science provides you with a +1 insight bonus on Craft and Disable Device checks.
  3. Your previous incarnation’s karma provides you with a +1 luck bonus on WILL Saves.
  4. You gain proficiency with firearms, which may or may not be of any use depending on the technology available in this incarnation.

These benefits last for 24 hours, or until you next sleep or rest.

Dimwitted but Mighty (EX)

Type: Combat

Ability: at least a -1 penalty in either INT or WIS

You aren’t exactly brilliant, but you are as strong as an ox. If you have a penalty to either your INT or WIS scores, once per day, you may add that penalty as a luck bonus on any STR check, STR-based skill check or melee attack roll. You must declare the use of this talent prior to making the roll.

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