Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back From San Antonio With a Question

So this was a pretty great week.

I spent the last three days hanging out in San Antonio, hitting the comic shops and used bookstores, playing Halo 4 with my buddies, and eating at good restaurants. It was a great time, and I scored a truly impressive haul of comics and game related loot, including a bunch of old Rifts sourcebooks and Joseph Linser's Dawn: Lucifer's Halo, which is an absolutely stunning piece of pagan art.

I also found a copy of Albedo second edition in hardcopy; I mentioned I picked up Sanguine's Platinum Catalyst in PDF form a few posts ago. That said, I now have a question. Do any of you guys have any interest in the Albedo property at all? Because for years now, I've wanted to pick up a licensed setting for Otherverse Games, and Albedo seems just obscure enough that a one-man shop like my own might be able to snag it.

I spoke to Sanguine Games a week or two ago, and they mentioned they had no plans to reacquire the license. Now, I don't know if the author even WANTS to license Erma Felna for RPG use again, or what kind of terms he would want even if he did (or even if there is enough fan interest to make putting out a new Albedo RPG feasible).... but its something I'm interested in. Acquiring a license and doing kickass stuff with it is a personal goal I've had for a couple of years now, and I've already got a few ideas for a revised Albedo Pathfinder/Fursona-powered RPG.I figure over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to ask around on some furry and military sci-fi boards I know, see if there's interest from either community.

Anyway, let me know what you think,


Curt said...

My wife and I are moving to San Antonio in 3 weeks. Maybe next time you come into town we could meet up and talk games.

Chris A. Field said...

Hey, just saw this. It's a bit late, but I'd love to meet up whenever I'm up in SA next. Hope you're liking the city.