Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Art: Races of the Command Fleet

 I'm just now finishing up with Races of the Command Fleet. Amanda has sent me these images, along with two others which will illustrate the last gaps in my new, crunchy race book. The top image is a Pacificians, a space-hippy adventurer in the Barbarella mold. The Pacificians were introduced in 2009's Adorable Avenger Advanced Class PDF and get tons more page time here, becoming a core part of the Galaxy Command setting.

Beneath, we have a shot of a Gravity Cat astronaut. As an aside, in addition to information and talents for Gravity Cats and Urloks, there will be several pages of new content for the Fursona system, including advice on integrating Anthros into Galaxy Command. I might actually expand some of those concepts into a full sourcebook about a 'pocket universe' hidden in a nebula I'm tentatively titling Anthro Space. It might end up being a new 'location book' for Galaxy Command in the way Stars & Nightmares described Planet R'lyeth.

After this, I'll put out the Choicer Player's Guide for Otherverse America. This January, you can also expect a Free20 book of weapons for Galaxy Command, (I've been on a retro sci-fi kick lately), which marks the first Free20 product of 2013.

After that, expect Black Tokyo Unlimited and the Masters of Endara later this year. Those two books will 'anchor' 2013, and probably be my biggest and best releases of the year.

Finally, I'm talking to Mark about doing banner ads and trying to get the word out about Otherverse Games more in the coming year. I'll also be sending out complimentary review copies to RPG bloggers I read and enjoy and trying to build word of mouth buzz, as well as following Louis Porter's example and beginning selling my PDFs at So anything you can do to spread the word about my products I'd appreciate- use my PDFs in your home game, convert Otherverse America to your favorite system and run it for your friends, start up an "Oriental Adventures" type campaign in the Tatakama, forward a copy of the Galaxy Command campaign setting to a buddy of yours who likes old school sci-fi, put up a review of a book of mine you either really loved or absolutely hated on your blog and link it here, whatever.

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