Friday, January 18, 2013

Races of the Command Fleet

 I just finished laying out Races of the Command Fleet last night. It came out to about 90 pages of incredible retro sci-fi goodness. Inside, the most common heroic races of the Galaxy Command setting get a new look, with all new art, tons of new starting talents, feats both new and old, and tons of other options....including some neat variant human races that allow you to play up different tropes of 70s sci-fi.

John Picot turned in some incredible artwork for this one, and I thought I'd spotlight some of his best pieces here. Up top, we have his rendition of the Trius race, which is currently my desktop background. In the middle, a very Final Fantasy X influenced Syrion (and I can tell you  I'll be reusing this image in some fantasy context too).  On the bottom, his take on a Gravity Cat, which is going to be the book's cover.

Up next, I'm still collecting artwork for the San Francisco Citybook, the Choicer Player's Guide and Lifer Army Books. In addition, I'll be doing some quick projects in between, illustrated with stock art.

 I'm thinking about doing a quick monster book for Galaxy Command using nothing but various cool monster images I've got in my stock art morgue.

Also, one of my readers asked me if I ever planned to revisit D20 Decade: The 1980s. I've been thinking about it, to be honest. D20 Decade was the first PDF I put out, and it really shows its age. Content wise, it's still pretty solid- I'm still fairly proud of the non-fiction writing I did, summing up the 80s. There's some good ideas in there, but it would definately need some clean-up. So the answer as to whether or not I'll revise and re-release D20 Decade: 1980s is a resounding "maybe"....nah, make it a "probably".

Anyway, talk to you later,

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