Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hand's Healing, Books Coming Soon

Okay my hand seems to be healing nicely. I visit the doctor Monday to see if the stitches can come out, and should be back at work before too long. I also found out Friday that my workman's comp has come through, and I will be getting paid my full wage for the time I was scheduled this week. Basically, money for nothing, which is a huge load off my mind.

In the mean time, I've been working on finishing up Races of the Command Fleet. It will focus on the core races of the Galaxy Command setting, offer tons of starting talents and new feats, and lots of flavor. Unlike Races of the Tatakama this is less of a revision, because mechanically the Galaxy Command races were stronger than the Black Tokyo ones. About the only major mechanical change I made was upping the Tal-Anon's flight speed. It was previously 40 ft, but I upped it to 60 ft (good) to bring it in line with the Pathfinder design trope that fliers should move at 2x their landspeed in the air. That's the biggest change I've made.

Over on the right, let me show off some new art. The top sketch is the new Star Droid race illustration, by Amanda Webb. The bottom image is a "Monster-Mek" giant spider for Endara, by Vic Shane.

Both are damn pretty, aren't they?
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