Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just sent this off to Mark for posting on RPGnow. Remember a few months ago I had put together a quick-play RPG based on the old Transformers cartoon? Well, I finally decided just to gather up some stock art and put it out. It looks pretty good, and should be a pretty cool play experience.

This is my second attempt at creating a non-D20 game system, the first being Against the Darkness for Tabletop Adventures. Hopefully, Battlechangers will be equally well received. If it is, I might design a few more 'indy' games as a palate cleanser between Otherverse America and various Pathfinder releases.

This puppy tops out at 87 pages of content, and includes a fucking DEEP character creation system. You can build any Transformer you can imagine, and I figure char-gen should take about 15 minutes for an experienced gamer, maybe a few minutes longer for a kid or first time gamer.

System wise, Battlechangers is diceless and focuses on resource allocation more than luck. Skills are handled by comparing your attribute plus your skill to a target number; players can expend fuel to put forth more effort to beat more challenging skill target numbers. Combat is an opposed version of that. In terms of system, character attributes are called Specifications, and virtually identical to the "Tech Specs" on old Transformer packaging- though I renamed "Rank" to "Charisma". The system sorta reminds me of a cross between Big Eyes Small Mouth (which has my favorite char-gen system of any RPG, due to its incredible speed and versitility) and D&D 4th Edition (with its steamlined combat and per day/per encounter/ and at will powers).

Anyway, this fun little game should be up soon. Check it out and let me know what you think. Blessed Be,

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