Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comics My Mom Likes

Okay, something a bit different. My mother is more a fan of Jane Austin than modern comics, but raising me, and then just being around, she’s been exposed to quite a few comics over the decades.

First and foremost, she’s proud I’ve been published but mostly baffled by what I write. She under stands the basic concept of roleplaying games well enough, and has seen me run games for my friends and/or my kid brother when I was in high school. So unlike most non-gamers, she understands what D&D is and basically how you play it, though she’s never had an interest in trying it herself. As to Otherverse America…. she knows what it is, knows the basic conflict, and likes most of the art I’ve commissioned for it. Her opinion on abortion is that men shouldn’t have an opinion, and shouldn’t speak or preach publicly on it, since its an inherently female issue. She says she gives me a pass because as a pro-choice man, I’m a nice counterbalance to all the right wing asshats out there.

Anyway, other stuff. Her favorite sci-fi movie is Soldier. She liked Kurt Russell’s transformation from emotionless killing machine to real person. She’s also a huge fan of Tank Girl, just because she thought Laura Petty kicked ass in that movie. She likes strong female characters- she loved the scene in T-2 where Sarah Conner racked the shotgun one handed, and had me ask some of my gun-nut buddies at work if you could really do that. She’s been thinking of buying a shotgun specifically to recreate that scene. Not kidding there.

Knowing how much she loved Victorian era literature- like I said, she’s a huge fan of Jane Austin, so I turned my mom onto League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I bought her the hardback edition of the first volume, she loved it, and its’ the only graphic novel on her bookshelf. I sorta warned her away from the second volume though…. And she’s seen the movie, though like anyone with a soul, while she thought Sean Connery was awesome, she didn’t like the rest of it.

The Beast is one of her favorite characters- she knows him best from the 90s X-Men cartoon. She likes the mix of gentleness, intelligence and sheer physicality- to her Hank McCoy is like the perfect man. Yes, my mother is a furry.

She’s also flipped through Coleen Coover’s Gingerbread Girl and will probably read it at some point. At one point she saw this spread of the Legion as the background on my lap top. She instantly pointed to Saturn Girl and started asking me questions about her- she was fascinated. I asked why, and she said she liked Saturn Girl’s more realistic physique and militaristic uniform and hair style- she looked like a credible, professional hero.

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