Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free20: You Pick the Topic!

Okay, right now, I’m waiting on art on my bigger projects, and not really doing any thing too important. I’ve got a bit of free time on my hands, and I want to put out another Free20 product.

The problem?

I don’t know what I want that Free20 to be about. So I’m leaving it up to you. You get to decide what Free20 product I work on next. It can be Pathfinder fantasy or D20 Modern, sci-fi, space opera, superheroes, old school dungeon crawls, whatever. Do you want a new advanced class, a new player race, a new monster, some feats or gear? Do you want support for one of my campaign worlds: Black Tokyo, Galaxy Command, Otherverse America or Psi-Watch… or do you want a stand alone Free20 product?

Leave me suggestions in the comments below.

Now, there are a few ground rules. Most importantly, the subject you suggest must be one I can cover thoroughly in about 2,000 to 2,500 words (around 5 pages). Ideally, the subject you suggest should only require public domain photographs or readily available stock art to illustrate…. If you include a link to image resources from RPGnow or another source, that will go along way to getting your idea chosen. Finally, if the subject you suggest requires specialized knowledge to write about intelligently, include some links to the appropriate resources- a Wikipedia page or whatever else you’ve found.

Once I get a good selection of results, I’ll either just roll some dice and pick one randomly, or pick the suggestion I like the best.

Blessed Be,



Scott Holmes said...

furI'd like to see a Base Class based off of Acrbatic Comic Book fighters such as Beast, Black Canary, Dare Devil, Mocking Bird, Spiderman etc.

Alzrius said...

Please support Black Tokyo! Any of the following topics would be great:

Rules for battle damage that shreds the victim's clothes (as seen in Queen's Blade).

Alternately, rules for how a person can go around naked or mostly naked and still have a respectable AC/Defense score.

Finally, what about rules for lolicon characters? Save for the Nikusui (Chastity & Depravity), there's been almost nothing in this regard.

Chris A. Field said...

Alzius, there's a feat Nudie Cutie that lets you do the running around naked thing! I've personally stayed away from lolicon content out of personal distaste, but considering I've already included autoerotic aphyxia and shit-play, I gotta wonder what that says about me.