Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Art during Crappy Days

Guys, this last week has sucked to a truly professional degree. Illness, money worries and a truly nasty family argument that barely avoided becoming a cops called brawl.....
 So all I've done for the last couple of days is keep my head down and make art. I've just put Synths up for sale. After watching the entire Aliens quadrology, I decided to basically allow you to build an Ash or Bishop player character for Galaxy Command. It just came up for sale this morning, and I hope its as well received as Sentai Sequel seems to be. 

Next on the release roster, I've got Free20: Fight for Choice. It's a 15 page look at life in the Choicer military, with tons of world information, the Choicer rank structure, starting talents for Choicer military characters, and a generic Choicer Soldier NPC statblok, at CR 2, CR 5 and CR8. I had Amanda do a new image for the cover, which I justified because I was getting a cool piece of art I'll probably reuse several times in other Otherverse America products. And did I mention this thing is free? Look for it soon.

After that, I've got The Modern Spellcaster Basic Class on deck. It's a new 20 level core class for D20 Modern, similar to 
the Powered Hero and Sentai Hero basics, which allows you to use full nine level, Pathfinder style spellcasting in D20 Modern. She's a Spell Point based caster with ENORMOUS flexibility. You'll like her.

I'm working on a grimorie for the Modern Spellcaster to support this book, which will include spells specifically designed for Otherverse America, Black Tokyo, Galaxy Command and Psi-Watch, as well as a deeper look at magic in each of these campaign worlds.

Blessed Be,

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