Monday, October 29, 2012

Upcoming Projects and Bast Rides Again

Okay, I'm going to be laying out The Modern Grimorie tonight and tomorrow, and it should be up in a couple of days. Right now, unless I add another spell or two, the Grimorie stands at 119 spells for modern and sci-fi gaming.

Sex and Story just hit and seems to be selling very well. Free20: Fight for Choice should be coming out sooner or later, probably this week.

I'm working on Black Tokyo's Unlimited Edition, and having a great time of it. As I mentioned last post, I'm going prefecture by prefecture. My original draft had most of the plot hooks concentrated in three main locations: Tokyo, which is understandable because it's both one of the largest cities on the planet and because it is part of the campaign's NAME, and Northern Japan, specifically the Amori Prefecture and Okinawa. I knew those last two the best because I was stationed at Misawa AFB for about two years, and as a military guy, I'm plenty familiar with Okinawa as well.

Anyway, as I'm laying out the new edition, I'm trying to give the rest of the country more love and some more screen time as well. As I'm writing, I've noticed several plot threads starting to emerge, each of which could be the center piece of a campaign. So far we have a 'magic high school' thread, a 'artificial girls' thread, a 'blue collar modern magic' thread and a 'mythical police' military thread. I'm also building in tons more NPCs and supporting characters and I think I will include a fictionalized version of Princess Aiko as a benefactor and force for good in the campaign- a kind, innocent child empress that sends good guy PCs on missions.

The artificial girls thread is something that just jumped out at me... you have all these artificially created female races running around Black Tokyo as store-bought magi-tech sex slaves, and in many cases the artificial women are smarter and more determined then the men who buy them.So that creates an interesting dynamic and opens up some cool plot hooks.

Anyway, with Otherverse America, I had the core conflict and main storyline mapped out before I wrote a single page, though occasionally new elements would creep in and take my setting in a new direction: the Nuremberg AI especially. With Black Tokyo Unlimited it's less planned out. I have some things I want to explore- the role of women in Japan, surviving rape, turning weakness into strength, raunchy sexual humor and extreme fetish elements, which I think a hentai adventure game can be a good fit for. However, beyond those rough concepts, I'm just letting ideas come as the come.

Should be interesting to see where everything ends up.

Finally, a cute Halloween note.

One of my coworkers told me this morning her 9 year old daughter picked out her costume early and was now bored with it. While my friend wasn't going to buy her daughter an entirely new costume, she was thinking of modding the existing one to make it more fun for her kid. I asked her what the costume was, thinking I might have an idea.

My friend replied her daughter had picked out a Cleopatra costume. Now, I was kinda amazed that a 3rd grader even knew Cleopatra, but told her why not do an Egyptian god? Get a dog mask or a fake snout and she could be Anubis, a beak and some feathers in her hair she could go as Toth or Horus (and I know those are male gods,but in a kid's Halloween costume, theological accuracy is neither needed nor required)...or she could get cat ears and some whiskers and go as Bast. My friend loved the last idea the best, so I think as a result of this conversation, an adorable little Bast will be trick or treating Wednesday night.

Blessed Be,

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