Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upcoming: Modern Magic and Anthros of Endara

Okay, I thought I'd show you some art from my upcoming Anthros of Endara sourcebook. This is a Dagger Fang (the plural is Dagger Fangssss, and yes, the elongated ESSSS is mandatory). Basically, the race is a Kobra Khan or Snake Men analogue. Anthros of Endara is going to be the first Endara book out, and it will spotlight several races built with Fursona, since half-animal hybrids were such a big part of the original He-Man toon's cast. It's a neat example of what you can do with the Fursona toolkit, while being a standalone fantasy race book. Most of the races have optional elements where you can swap in or out different Fursona traits to create different subspecies. It's very modular, very kid-fantasy, and very reminiscent of the MOTU world.

The other day, I posted the spell list for the Modern Grimorie, and as of today the spell list stands at 91 items. So that thing is progressing rapidly. I'm going to pull some of the content I expected to include in the Modern Grimorie into a separate release, entitled Gods of the Otherverse. Gods of the Otherverse will include Pathfinder deity stats for all the 'space gods' of the setting, will include updated statblocks for all the space gods, like Genesis and Artemis from Guide to the Known Galaxy, and maybe some revisions to Lifechained abilities as a whole. I also figure I'll include some bonus content in that one, in the form of Culture and Blooded Ghosts for Psi-Watch and alien deities for Galaxy Command, though the core focus of the book will be the space gods of Otherverse America.... and deities closer to Earth.

I just made a last minute tweek to the Modern Spellcaster. Some of the paragraph headers were ugly, and I went in and cleaned them up. Look for that in a couple of days, along with Free20: Fight for Choice. Modern Grimorie will likely hit a week or two later, since I will be illustrating it mostly with stock art, and don't have to wait on art. Anthros of Endara still needs some art done for it, as does Gods of the Otherverse.

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