Monday, October 8, 2012

Modern Spell List

 Okay, the Modern Spellcaster will be coming out very soon, and I'm already working on a sequel/add on book, the Modern Grimorie. Modern Grimorie will naturally be a spell book aimed squarely at modern or futuristic magic campaigns. To preview it, I thought I'd show you the spell list for this book as it stands today. Naturally, I'll be adding more spells to the roster, and when the book is released I want it to have 75-100 new spells, as well as other cool content. 

Some of these spells are revisions of spells that originally appeared in Black Tokyo, the Digital Sorcerer Advanced Class, or the D20 Modern SRD, but most are new.

Zero Level
  1. Date (accurately determine the age of a touched object)
  2. Fertility Control (magically prevent or ensure pregnancy for a day)
  3. Illusory ID (create a randomized fake ID of a specific type)
  4. Infographic (read a lengthy text as a full round action)
  5. Tweet (send very short message to electronic device)
  6. Weathering (you age an inanimate object)

First Level
  1. Ballistic Talons (fingernails become deadly missiles inflicting 1d6+1 slashing per two caster levels, to a maximum of five independently targeted talons)
  2. Child Ward (prevent children from entering a warded area)
  3. Dataread (perceive machine readable data by merely touching the storage device)
  4. Datawipe (purge the data stored on a computer or device)
  5. Electronic Inventory (gain a complete list of all electrical devices worn, carried or implanted on a character)
  6. Know Lusts (determine a target’s sexual orientation and other sexual preferences)
  7. Lesson in Manners (punish a target for rude behavior with a mystic slap that inflicts 1d6 points of non-lethal damage/level)
  8. Metal Stealth (hide a Medium or smaller ferrous object, up to 10 lbs per level, from detection by metal detectors or other sensors)
  9. Pride of the Collection (summon art objects from a parallel world)
  10. Smart Meal (encode a luck bonus equal to your ranks in a chosen skill into a meal that can be shared by multiple creatures)
  11. Xeno-Study (gain anatomical and biological information about a single alien creature, act is if you had the Xeno-Medic feat in regard to that creature)

Second Level
  1. Anti-Tank Dog (transform an animal into a living, seeking bomb that inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage / caster level)
  2. Bumper Sticker Curse (vehicle fails to operate until a specific decoration is removed)
  3. Cock Like a Piston (sexually merge rider and motorcycle for increased maneuverability and control)
  4. Geo-Political Awareness (long term spell provides +1 or better on certain knowledge checks and +1 on Initiative checks against a particular threat group)
  5. Open All Night (create phantom employees to briefly reopen a closed business)
  6. Reflect the Camera (reverse the angle of a photograph to see additional details)
  7. Visual Feast (immune to hunger and thirst as long as you watch others eat)

Third Level
  1. Bird Flight (increase an aircraft’s maneuverability and speed, and allow it to be healed as if it were alive)
  2. Cop Ward (prevents police officers and informants from entering a warded area)
  3. Electronic Sweep (gain a complete list of all electronic devices within a 60 ft cone)  
  4. Fire Focus (magic laser initially inflicts 1d8 fire damage, but this doubles each round the laser beam is trained on a single target)
  5. Fuel the Engine (provide fuel for a touched machine for 1 hour/3 caster levels)
  6. Internalized Knowledge (sacrifice 4 ranks and class skill status in a particular Knowledge to permanently gain +1 Intelligence)
  7. Millionaire’s Scourge (damage target in proportion to its wealth)
  8. Penetrating Energy Weapon (touched energy weapon temporarily deals damage without a specific energy type and not subject to energy resistance)
  9. Photomapping (know the exact location where a photograph was taken)

Fourth Level
  1. Arcane Capacitor (store Spell Points in an object for later use)
  2. Arcane Leech (steal 1d8 + INT mod Spell Points from a victim and recover the same amount of Spell Points yourself)
  3. Copperblast (Copper sheath reduces target’s speed by 10 ft, causes them to become heavily encumbered and Vulnerable to Electricity)
  4. Ghost Chassis (summon an ectoplasmic automobile for one hour / level)
  5. Identify Subject (learn the name of a photographed creature)
  6. Liquidize Wealth (destroy a valuable object to permanently increase your Wealth bonus)
  7. Nerve Fire (mental version of fireball inflicts 1d8 points of fire damage / level and is resisted with WILL Save, not REF save)
  8. Techno-Allergy (spell’s victim becomes allergic to the modern world, suffering increased armor check and spell failure chances in artificial armor and suffering 1d4 points of acid damage when touching metal or plastic)  

Fifth Level
  1. Cyber Surgery (implant cybernetic implant in a creature by touch)
  2. Gene Shift (genetically re-engineer a creature by touch)
  3. Thin the Atmosphere (transform a huge area into a low oxygen environment for one round)

Sixth Level
  1. Mecha-Genesis (create one or more Star Droids from computer components)
  2. Rain of Artillery (powerful spell inflicts 6d6+1d6 per level fire damage on targets up to several miles away)
  3. Techno-Allergy, Greater (as Techno-Allergy, but increased penalties and damage)
  4. Viral Meme (create a magical logo that aids you in diplomacy and business)  

Seventh Level
  1. Cyber Surgery, Offensive (implant cybernetic implant in unwilling creature, who is also fatigued for number of hours equal to your caster level)
  2. Techno-Allergy, Mass (as Techno-Allergy, but affects one creature / level)
  3. Undo Extinction (create a small breeding population of a long extinct animal, plant or vermin species)
  4. Warp Envelope (shunt a single starship into hyperspace for a single journey)

Eighth Level
  1. Kinetic Kill Weapon (depleted uranium spear inflicts 10d10 +1d10 per 2 caster levels damage on target, knocks target and adjacent characters prone and creates difficult terrain)

Ninth Level
  1. Grand Terraforming (transform a planet into a duplicate of the caster’s homeworld)
  2. Rain of Artillery (Heavy) (very powerful spell inflicts 6d10+1d10 per level fire damage on targets up to several miles away with no maximum damage cap!)
  3. Segregating Fog (cold magical fog temporarily shunts an entire city to the Plane of Shadows)
  4. Speciate (grant a geographically isolated species new racial abilities to create a new subspecies)

Tenth Level (epic)

  1. Singularity Lock (seal an entire solar system, preventing FTL travel to or from the system)
  2. Uplift (permanently increase an entire species’ intelligence and grant the Psionic subtype to all offspring)


Chris said...

I'm really looking forward to it, modern magic is always a favorite.

Chris A. Field said...

Yeah, I've been having a blast writing up these spells. There are some really neat little tricks in here.