Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Races of Black Tokyo Revised.....

While I'm working on The Modern Grimorie, I've also begun heavy revamp work on Black Tokyo. (I'm also awaiting art on Anthros of Endara and Solomon Station, which will be coming out before the end of the year, lest you think I'm forgetting about those two.)

Right now, I plan to include most of the content from Black Tokyo I-III in a single huge two PDF package, using the same format as the Otherverse America Unlimited Edition. Expect both a campaign setting and a game master's guide with plot hooks and tons of monsters. I want to dramatically expand on the world itself, more plot hooks, more locations, and more of a sense of place and character for the world. John and Amanda and anybody else I can get interested will be doing art, and one of the things I want is to have a HUGE, full page illo or double page spread illustrating the weird locations of modern Black Japan (and Okinawa). Yes, we'll have more info on what Asia and America are like, but the focus will continue to be on Japan itself.

I started revising the races this weekend. In addition to the twelve races and the various cultural templates found in Races of the Tatakama, you'll have maybe 6-8 new dark fantasy races unique to the modern world, all filling out different story and gameplay niches.

I will be keeping the Doujinishi, the Shirime and the Nekomusume intact and almost untouched. The Nikusui will be mostly untouched but I will be including the Ohagoru only as a set of alternate racial traits for the Nikusui. Trust me, it works, and since both races fill the same angry, grim urban vigilante niche, it strengthens the concept of both races and adds playability. I will be adding a few new races- I want to include a 'witch' type race, inspired by Ringu and Witchhunter Robin to the cast. These dar haired, illwilled and fucking evil girls will play well with the Modern Spellcaster class, and generally be fun, dark and creepy to play.

The Bakkyo will be cut completely, because they are unneeded. they step on the Nekomusume's cat-girl niche too much, and are completely outclassed by the Fursona character builder. They may still exist in the fluff, but they'll be built VERY differently in the crunch.

I'll be keeping the Hanging Maiden Advanced Class, but I will make it exclusive to a new undead race. These girls will be perky, cheerful undead who got their powers and became undead through ritual/erotic suicide.  I figure it doesn't change the mechanics of the class too much, but allows me to do more with the Hanging Academy and the other magical highschools in the setting.

Anyway, the next time I post I'll include a preview of the revamped Nekomusume, maybe some other stuff.

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