Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Got New Art: Dagger Fangssssssssssss!

Hey, I just received this color image of the Dagger Fangssss, previewed in the last post, from Amanda Webb. I originally envisioned the snake dudes as having brownish or gold scales, but I really like this alternate colorscheme. The shocking blue really fits in with the MOTU toyline's color palatte. One thing you'll notice- those leather straps on Snake Dude's feet. I asked Amanda to add those, and they increase the image's He-Mannyness by at least 20%.

Fun, fun, fun project.


Mandapandarawks said...

Actually, Fiona picked out that color blue. :)

Chris A. Field said...

Tell her she has good taste. Should I credit her in the book?