Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Am I the only one who likes this?

Question: Are there any Internet nerds out there that aren't obsessively, compulsively negative? Seriously, I gotta stop reading comments on geek message boards.

Anyway, I kinda like the new costumes. They remind me, for some reason, of para-rescue gear. I also really like the innocent Mystique, who makes a new contrast to the hardline, and utterly badass mutant terrorist of the modern-era films. I have a feeling seeing Mystique's defection is going to be the dramatic high point of the film. I also kinda like the 'stereo speaker' built into Havok's chest. I wonder if those components light up when he fires?

Other then the fact her character is codenamed Angel (I'm wondering if she's bug-Angel from Morrison's run?), I know nothing about the Hispanic girl between Mystique and Havok. She's adorable though, and I certainly don't mind seeing more Hispanic superheroes.

I thought Azreal was a stupid idea in the comics, but the guy is such a blank slate there's a chance the movie might be able to do something cool with him. Right now, he looks like a skeevy, sexually manipulative asshole- which would make him a perfect fit for the Hellfire Club. And Emma Frost.... January Jones in lingerie is worth seeing in widescreen all by herself.

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