Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Pathfinder RPG Armor

I'm not working on any thing in particular right now, so I thought I'd toss this up here for fun. I'll be heading down to San Antonio tomorrow and hitting the comic shops this weekend.

The Breast Plate of Rusting Pipes
Aura: moderate conjuration CL: 10th
Slot: armor Price: 75,000 gp Weight 42 lbs

This +1 Heavy Fortification Breast Plate is made from some strange, rusted orange alloy that rings like steel when struck. Bulky beyond the ability of most warriors to wear, this breast plate is not a single piece of steel- rather it is a twisted knot of pipes and pressure gauges that hiss enigmatically. Bulky vents built into the spinal plating and the lopsided and exceptionally bulky left shoulder plating belch out a foul smelling odor that only gets more intense as the battle wears on.

Anyone coming within 10 ft of the wearer of this strange armor is considered Sickened for as long as they remain near the armor and for 1d4 rounds afterward (FORT DC 12 negates). Anytime the wearer suffers a critical hit negated by the armor’s Heavy Fortification feature, the stench only gets more intense as strange pressures build within the armor. For one minute after the hit, those who fail their save are considered Nauseated.

The wearer becomes immune to inhalation toxins and poisons while wearing the air, including magical gasses. However, the armor’s bulk imposes a -8 armor check penalty.

Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, stinking cloud
Cost: 37,500 gp

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