Friday, January 28, 2011

One More Free PFRPG Armor Before Bed

One last He-Man inspired armor before bed.

Armor of Regency
Aura: strong enchantment CL: 15th
Slot: armor and cloak Price: 210,000 gp Weight 63 lbs

This ornately styled suit of baroque +3 full plate armor is presented to warrior kings upon their ascension to the throne, allowing professional soldiers to rule justly and well. Masterfully cut rubies are set into the armor’s gilded steel, and glow with a rhythmic pattern of internal light that seems to move and dance across the armor. A thick cloak of finest russet ermine is attached to the armor’s collar.

The wearer of the armor perceives social interactions as intricately plotted combat, and can excel at duels of words as easily as he can a sword-duel. The armor’s wearer experiences conversations and negotiations as if they were honorable duels, and can use the parts of his brain and soul that control his sword arm instead of the often less practiced parts of himself that govern his tongue.

The wearer of this suit may substitute a melee attack roll for any Diplomacy or Intimidate check he is called to make. This attack is a fleeting mental image, and a purely mental exercise- the wearer does not outwardly move or make any hostile gesture. Instead, he merely perceives himself slicing through arguments and cutting to the heart of the matter.

Only lawful characters may wear this armor. To non-lawful characters this armor is merely masterwork quality full plate of especially baroque design.

Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, mass charm monster, creator must be lawful
Cost: 125,000 gp


Alzrius said...

This is off-topic for your post, but a recent thread over at EN World ( calculated the the national debt of the United States would, in d20 Modern, have a Purchase DC of 99.

Now that's something for a Scion of the Pilgrim to shoot for - owning America!

Chris A. Field said...

Nice! The wealth system is pretty good, but it has some serious blind spots. I can't imagine any one character- not even the unholy spawn of Scrooge McDuck and Lex Luthor buying out the national debt, but I suppose it could be done... especially with some 'creative' ability stacking.

My favorite obscure rule glitch in D20 modern is the one about picking up the check for a meal- it adds a flat +2 to the Purchase DC. I realized that if you pay for 20 kids meals at McDonalds, like taking the little league team out for lunch or somethhing, by the rules as written, it has a purchase DC greater than that of a Lamborghini. For some reason, that always cracks me up, and I figure sooner or later, I'm going to have a character knock off McDonalds because they've got more cash on hand than most federal reserve banks after a bus comes in.