Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lines and Support

Last night, I made a list of the campaign settings I'm publishing through Otherverse Games and the products I've released specifically in support of each line. My list didn't include more general works, like most of the Dept. 7 Advanced Class line, which can support any of these four campaign settings, and didn't include cross over products (for instance, you can use Guide to the Known Galaxy in Galaxy Command pretty easily).

Over on the left, to give you something pretty to look at is an Amanda Webb design for a suit of Lifer powered armor. This big fellow will be menacing a Choicer mecha pilot in a comic style full page illo in the revised core book.

Otherverse America Campaign Setting
Revised Core Book (upcoming)
Otherverse America Game Master’s Guide (upcoming)
APEX (no longer canon, and soon to be free at RPGnow.com)
Guide to the Known Galaxy
The Coven of Bast
The Eleusinian Covenant
Neverborn Again
Razor Culture
Scion of the Pilgrim Advanced Class
Radiant Shaper Advanced Class
The Otherverse Armory
State of the Otherverse: Smartlights
State of the Otherverse: Cybernetic Armory
Free20: The Gorger

Galaxy Command Campaign Setting
The Space Mafia
The Adorable Avenger Advanced Class
The Planetary Champion Advanced Class
Stars and Nightmares
Free20: Threeway

Psi-Watch Unlimited Edition
Project Watchtower
Vector of Infection
Psi-Tech Declassified (upcoming)
Free20: Troublemaker

Black Tokyo Campaign Setting
Black Tokyo II: Chastity & Depravity
Tales of the Tatakama (upcoming)
Unnamed American Sourcebook (upcoming)

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