Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Post

Neo-Witch Midwife: Dr. Julie Riddle (CR 5)
Dedicated Hero 4, Neo-Witch Midwife 1
Medium Human
Init +1 Senses Scent Aura none
Languages English, Spanish,
Allegiances pro-choice, good, The Eleusinian Mystery Cult, the Covenant
Defense 17, touch 15, flat-footed 16 (+1 DEX, +2 equipment, +4 class)
Resist Electricity 5, Fire 5, Force 5
HD (5d6+10) (28 HP)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +8

Speed 30 ft
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft
Base Atk +3; Grp +4
Atk Options +5 melee (implanted cyber-scalpel 1d4+2 slashing) or
+5 melee (unarmed strike 1d3+1 subudal) or
+4 ranged (Grimassi Needler Pistol, 1d8 ballistic + poison, 30 ft range increment, 30 round box magazine. Drawback: Needler pistol can’t affect targets with a natural or equipment bonus to Defense +3 or greater. )
(Poison: Lactic Retention Enzyme, FORT DC 14. Initial effect; Target is exhausted for 3d6 hours. Secondary effect: unconsciousness 1d6 hours)

Abilities STR 14 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 15 WIS 16 CHA 12
Starting Occupation Clinic Defender
Additional Class Skills Diplomacy, Knowledge (streetwise), Treat Injury.
Talents Healing Knack (+2 to Treat Injury checks), Skilled Surgeon (patients fatigued for ½ usual duration after surgery)
Feats Anointed Cleric, Iron Will, Meaningful Ink, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Reproductive Care, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Surgery
Affiliations None
Skills Computer Use +5, Craft (pharmaceutical) +6, Diplomacy +6*, Drive +2, Gather Information +2 *, Knowledge (earth & life sciences) +8, Knowledge (streetwise) +5, Knowledge (theology & philosophy) +10, Treat Injury +8 (Treat Injury +10 when providing Reproductive Care)
*gains a +2 morale bonus on checks made against fellow Choicers
Possessions Grimassi APSL-3 Needler Pistol, 2x spare clips, masterwork first aid kit, masterwork surgery kit, Witch’s Rings (1 attuned pair), Vestal Shawl, street clothes, ceremonial atheme

Cyber Implants and Smartlights Obstetrics Nanonics (shapeshifting limb becomes tool or Masterwork quality skill kit), R.E.M. Sleep Regulator (go without sleep for up to 4 days without ill effect)
Dreamscape Smartseed and Messenger (acts as virtual cellphone and PDA, has the following apps: Hot Zone, Media Djinn, Monthly Note, Psi-Alert, R&R Refresher, Symbol Scan)
Action Points 51 maximum (20+2d6 remaining)

Counselor (EX): After five minutes of conversation with any sentient creature with an INT score of at least 5, Dr. Julie Riddle may make a DC 18 Sense Motive check to gain insight to that person’s sexual history, beliefs and relationships.

Witch’s Rings (EX): Thanks to her high tech accessories, Dr. Riddle rolls d8s, rather than d6s when spending action points to improve the result of any skill check.

“My name is Dr. Julie Riddle, and I’m seventeen years old. I received my medical degree three months before my sixteenth birthday. I tend women’s needs, deliver newborns, and even perform abortions when I must.

I chose to have my right arm replaced by an advanced nanotech prosthesis, capable of altering its form into an almost infinite number of useful tools. I have a connection to the Mother that those far wiser than me consider profound, and I’m responsible for the spiritual needs of a covenhearth with over three hundred young souls, as well as for the advice I give to women older than my own mother.”
-Dr. Julie Riddle; Choice, Red and Raw Mesh-blog, first posted January 17, 2107.

Julie is a slender brunette girl of some undefined but mostly Anglo ancestry. She braids her hair with crimson thread, and usually wears a battered, but tough and comfortable rust-red sweater over cargo pants rather then the more feminine (and less practical) robes of a priestess-midwife. Her newly installed bionic arm is the rich red of new Porsche’s trademarked paintjob, and pulses in time with her heartbeat. Her forehead and cheeks are covered in spiraling ritual scars inscribed by a mono-molecular scalpel. Beneath her bulky clothes, a mystery seen only by her few lovers, the spiral designs continue down her belly and breasts and encircle her thighs like garters.

Campaign Use
Julie Riddle is emblematic of the young, committed women who become Neo-Witch Midwives. She lacks the young Vespa Nicellos’ wealth and connections, but she put in time as a clinic defender while attending seminary on a scholarship. Though this tough young Midwife wears vestal shawls today, she still misses the bulky old Kevlar vest she wore when she first started fighting for choice. This stat block can be used for any young Neo-Witch. Minus the class-exclusive cybernetics, this stat block might be any Choicer EMT, para-physician or unit medic.

Here's a preview of one of the prebuilt characters from the revised Otherverse America, and a pretty decent preview of the revised Neo-Witch Midwife class as a whole. If you want to play one, Julie's a good pre-gen. The art is a low rez copy of a piece by Mark Hyzer.

Anyway, have a good one.

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