Monday, January 17, 2011

Comics Thoughts: Marvel Comics Siege

I just bought the trade of Siege- I know. I'm like a year behind continuity at this point, but still. I have to say I fucking loved it. The last big event I bought into was the Black Lantern story from DC last summer, and I was really disappointed by it. Not so with Siege. The story is every bit as continuity heavy, but was an incredible pay off to 3+ years of stories and build up.

Some things I especially liked: first, the story reminded me ALOT of Claremont's "Adversary" arc in X-Men. Unprepared superheroes have to enter an American city that's somehow been warped by magic and confront gods, while the media watches, broadcasting everything to the world. I loved that set up during Silvestri's run on X-Men and the premise is just as solid today.

Second, Oliver Copiel's art. This man draws tech better than anybody in comics. Some of my favorite scenes were the huge dog fight between the SHIELD jets and the helicarrier- granted it was a relatively minor scene, but those planes were awesome. Copiel was amazing on Legion of Superheroes, and he's only gotten better. (Though as a Legion fan, I really wish he'd re-visit that comic.)

Third.... that image up top. Reading this story, I got to the big splash page when the Avengers drop out of the sky, and I realized something. Captain America's emergency team is made up mostly of black guys and gay dudes. I'm not sure if Bendis even intended the symbolism, but that right there is a pretty powerful statement about America. It's an intensely political (and very cool) image, even if it's unintentional.

Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, go buy the trade. It'll be worth it.
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